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Hairy Creampie

Before Hairy CreampieIt was a beautiful weekend, the second one in July. Our city friends Mr. and Mrs Musicman were visiting our home in cottage country, and Saturday had been a gorgeous sunny day, with canoeing, shopping, and sitting on our deck catching up on news with tall cold ones the order of the day. Dinner was delicious, but the wine and the heat of the day knocked us out and resulted in our early retirement for the evening.

Sunday dawned beautifully too without any hairy creampie, and I prepared eggs benedict for the four of us and served it out on the deck. Following a relaxed breakfast, washed down with champagne and orange juice and Bailey's with French Roast coffee, I headed up to our bathroom for some quality reading on the throne and my morning shower.

Amazing Hairy CreampieI had just rinsed off the soap and shampoo when Ginger stepped naked into our double shower to join me. I was a little taken aback by this - not that two in the shower is all that unusual, but I would have thought she'd remain out on the deck with our guests. The glint in her eyes indicated something was up, but I didn't have time to register a hairy creampie that might be before. She plastered her mouth to mine in a big French kiss.

My deductive processes were not quite as quick as my wife's actions, else I would have been ready for the huge quantity of sperm that suddenly got pushed by Ginger's tongue into my open mouth. Snowball!

Fresh Hairy CreampieAs it was, I instantly got into the moment, and she and I twisted our tongues together over and over, painting the entire inside of my mouth with what could only be Mr. Musicman's ejaculate, given up in an amazingly fast blowjob and hairy creampie with Mrs Musicman's consent.

In the background I could hear Mr and Mrs M laughing heartily just beyond the shower door. The three of them had got me with a surprise hairy creampie, true and generous friends and loyal wife that they are, and Ginger and I started laughing along with them, to the point that jizz started spewing out of our mouths and down my chin. I gave my wife one more hug, extended my hand to shake my depleted friend's hand, and gave his wife a deep kiss of my own.

There is no substitute for good friends and a loving wife. And...who ever knows what hairy creampie next moment will bring?

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